Top 3 Tattoo Removal Lasers

This blog is dedicated to my top 3 picks for tattoo removal lasers.

The tattoo laser choices consist of lasers that are still being offered new from the manufacture, at least at the time of writing this blog.

I started with the intention of writing a blog about the top 5 tattoo removal lasers, however I truly believe to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors a Q-Switched 1064/532nm a 585/650nm or 694nm Ruby is needed. This considerably reduced other options.

The leader in tattoo laser sales I believe has always been Hoya ConBio. Hoya ConBio was one of the first tattoo removal lasers worth purchasing back in the late 90”s. The two models offered were the MedLite 2 and MedLite 4.

I would stay clear of the first generation MedLite 2 and MedLite 4 systems not because the didn’t perform (they performed quite well!), but because the systems at this point are 15+ years old. Although most spare parts are still available, major components like power supplies and circuit boards will start to fail.

Hoya ConBio tattoo lasers are real world horses and owners use them. I would not hesitate to consider the latest MedLite C6 or RevLite SI system.

Candela also made a great 755nm Alexandrite Q-Switched laser called the AlexLAZR, but it was short lived.

When considering a tattoo laser purchase, something you need to give serious thought to is how often you feel you will be treating Green, Turquoise, Red and Yellow tattoos, if often you will need more than just the Q-Switched 1064/532nm wavelengths. As mentioned earlier a 694nm Ruby or 585/650nm will be needed for best results.

At the time of writing this blog, at least one manufacturer is using 755/532nm Picosecond and Nanosecond pulse width technology to target a broader range of tattoo colors.

#1 Choice
Hoya ConBio C6

Of the Hoya ConBio models, the C6 would be my first choice. It offers all four wavelengths for treating the full range of tattoo inks. No bells and whistles just what is needed.

Unless you need the 532Lite hand piece (treats pigmented lesions at low fluencies) or needing a hand piece that adjust in 0.1mm increments, the C6 is the way go! The C6 features Q-Switched 1064/532nm and 585/650nm. Spot sizes range from 2mm – 8mm and a repetition rate up to 10Hz depending on spot size and fluence. Very reliable!

#2 Choice
Hoya ConBio RevLite SI (SmartInfinite)



In addition to the Q-Switched 1064/532nm, 585/650nm the RevLite SI offers the SI hand piece which provides 0.1mm micro adjustments in spot size. The 532Lite hand piece is for treating small pigmented lesions at low fluences. The only other possible benefit would be the 8.5mm (1064nm Nd:YAG only) spot size that works at low fluences.

You may or may not be aware Cynosure has acquired Hoya ConBio. Possibly Cynosure realized their technology in the tattoo removal segment of the industry was substandard and negotiated to acquired the industry leader (Hoya ConBio).

#3 Choice
Quanta Aesthetic Lasers Q-Plus C



I believe Quanta have the broadest range of tattoo laser model configurations on the market. Lasers feature your most common Q-Switch 1064/532 long and short pulse in addition to IPL and Ruby technology.

The Q-Plus C features Q-Switched 1064/532nm. The third wavelength is the very popular 694nm Ruby. The 694nm Ruby wavelength has shown very good results with green and blue inks. Repetition rate up to 10Hz. Spot sizes up to 4x4mm.
Treatment results appear to be equally as good as the Hoya ConBio C6 and RevLite SI. The 585/650nm with the C6 and RevLite would be similar to the Ruby option on the Q-Plus C.

Recent releases:

Cutera Enlighten, advertises the first all-in-one Picosecond + Nanosecond + 2 Wavelengths. Dual wavelength and dual pulse duration, Selectable pulse duration (750ps / 2ns) 2-8mm spot sizes.
Cynosure PicoSure, advertises a 755/532nm tattoo laser with a pulse duration 550-750ps. Cynosure states the 532nm was designed to more effectively treat Red, Orange and Yellow tattoo colors.

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