Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will it take for my laser to arrive?
Typically from the time the laser is crated and ready, delivery time is 7-10 days via air service to most ports around the world. Vessel service (least expensive) can take from 1-2 months to most ports around the world.
What is covered under warranty?
Lasers that are still under the warranty agreement are covered for all parts and labor.
Is training offered?
Yes! If you’re not familiar with the laser your about to purchase, we offer on-site live hands-on training. Those that take part and complete the training course will be give a certificate of completion.
Can I trade in my laser?
In most cases yes! We can only take in trade lasers that have been FDA cleared for sale in the United States. Unfortunately we cannot take all lasers in on trade, some are just too old. Working condition or not we will do our best to evaluate each trade in on a case by case basis.
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes! We ship to all major ports that the U.S government will allow.
What are my options for shipping?
Options for shipment within the United States and Canada are ground transportation or air transportation. Shipment options for the rest of the world are vessel transportation (least expensive) or air transportation.
Payment options for international customers?
Payment options include bank wire of funds (TT) or one of two escrow options.
Can I lease a laser?
Yes! Leasing is available within the United States and Canada only at this time. We are currently working on international leasing options.
Will documents be supplied for customs?
Yes! All documents (shippers export declaration / customs invoice and purchase invoice) are filled out for smooth clearance through customs.
How are the lasers prepped for shipping?
Lasers shipped within the United States can be shipped blanket wrapped (least expensive). In most cases a custom built wooden crate is prepared. Lasers being shipped internationally can only be shipped in a custom built wooden crate.