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Advanced Medical has been offering preowned Cosmetic lasers, Medical lasers, Aesthetic lasers and IPL equipment worldwide since 1994.

We’re a laser dealer and not a broker, which means 95% of our inventory is at our location.  We prefer to buy equipment outright! A small portion of our inventory is from previous customers that have asked us to help them facilitate a sale. In this case some lasers are still at the customers location. We will always let you know this in advance.

If interested in a laser we have in stock and would like to trade a laser, please fill out our “Sell a Laser” form and tell us what you have available.

New lasers can be quite expensive and unfortunately they do not hold their value very well. The savings in purchasing a preowned laser can be up to 70% less than what the laser would have cost new.

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Aesthetic lasersBrokers vs Dealers
Aesthetic lasersPayment Options

Dealers vs Brokers

“We own the laser before you do”

Advanced Medical is a laser dealer NOT A BROKER! Unless stated all lasers advertised have been purchased outright and in our inventory.

As a laser dealer we can answer yes to all the following questions.

  • Do we own the laser?
  • Has the laser been inspected?
  • Is the laser complete with all accessories?
  • Is there a warranty?
  • If there is a problem after the laser arrives, will you be ready to help?
  • Service offered after the purchase?
  • Safe payment terms for both parties?

Payment Options

Acceptable payment options include, Company check, Bank check, Bank wire (TT) and Escrow.  Advanced Medical currently works with Escrow.com and Transpact for safe secure payment terms for international customers.



Laser Inspection

“We own the laser before you do”

Prior to purchasing a laser for our inventory, we complete a thorough inspection to be sure of what we are about to purchase. If the laser is working to our satisfaction, the purchase is made and the laser is shipped to our location.

After the laser arrives a more detailed inspection is performed to make sure that all is working to manufactures specifications. Any repairs are performed at our location. Upon completion the laser is place on our website. Other than adding distilled water to some lasers, all are shipped ready to use.

 Laser warranty

Unless stated all lasers offered and sold by Advanced Medical will have a 30-day warranty. The warranty will cover parts and labor should you have a problem. Larger lasers are repaired on site, smaller lasers are typically sent back to our location. All cost for shipping and insurance is covered by Advanced Medical.

 InternationalWorldwide Sales
WorldwideWorldwide Delivery
Buy Sell TradeSell or Trade Your Laser
Creative Financing (New)Creative Financing

Worldwide Sales

One advantage of selling lasers worldwide is we get plenty of feedback regarding laser reliability, performance ease of use and patient results.  Based on your needs we will always give our best opinion from this knowledge. Since Advanced Medical is not a representative or distributer for any brands listed, we sell a wide variety of systems.

Worldwide Delivery

“Lasers in stock can ship in 24 -72 hours” Advanced Medical ships worldwide! Depending on your destination we have professional shipping partners that will make sure your laser arrives, as it should and it is complete with all documentation that may be required by customs.

Tracking information provided lets you know when the shipment will arrive! All lasers shipped international are crated and insured for their full value. Although shipping via air is the most popular choice, if on a tight budget and time is not an issue, we are able to ship via ocean vessel as well.

Sell or Trade Your Laser

Advanced Medical accepts medical, aesthetic and cosmetic laser trade-ins. In addition to out-right purchases.  Give us a call or fill out the form on our “Sell a Laser” page and let us know what you have available.

Any trade in value is based on the model, model year, usage, and of course overall condition of the laser. If an agreement is reached to purchase your laser out- right, Advanced Medical will forward a Purchase Order with agreed terms.

Please note to international customers interested in trading in a laser. The laser MUST be a model that has been sold in the United States at one point and has been FDA cleared. Advanced Medical cannot sell non FDA cleared lasers in the United States.

Creative Financing

Considering leasing your next laser? Advanced Medical offers leasing options for all lasers sold in the United States and Canada. Creative leasing plans vary depending on credit history. Easy processing with quick response back in 24 – 48 hours.

Training (New)On-site Training

On-Site Training

Not familiar with the laser you are about to purchase? No worries, Advanced Medical offers training on all equipment we sell.

Live one on one, on-site training! Choose either a half day or full day course. Upon completion certificates are issued for those that complete the course. Knowing the latest techniques and treatment parameters can make the difference in getting the results you and your patient’s desire. Cost will vary depending upon site location.

“Consistently saving our customers up to 70% of what a laser would cost new!”

 Learn from our years in business!

One of the benefits of selling lasers worldwide is we are constantly talking to laser owners. The feedback we get regarding various systems performance and treatment outcome is priceless. Were happy to share this knowledge!

Advanced Medical isn’t unfamiliar with working with budgets. Let us know what it will take to earn your business!                           Not sure which lasers are for various treatments?  Visit our “Learn About Lasers” page!

Advanced Medical does not claim to be associated with or a representative of any of the manufacturers products we offer for sale.